Cornish Pasty Week 2024 will see pasty makers around the county raising money for local schools and inspiring the next generation of cooks and bakers.

In 2023, Cornish Pasty Week introduced the Cornish Pasty Community Fund, with pasty makers raising a whopping £14,500 for a local food redistribution charity.

This year the fund will support a new initiative to encourage cookery within Cornish schools.

Funds raised during Cornish Pasty Week will provide schools across Cornwall and Scilly with the resources they need to offer children regular cooking activities, whether that is to buy equipment and ingredients or to run cooking clubs or other fun food initiatives.  Professional pasty makers will also host sessions in schools teaching children how to make Cornish pasties.

As well as offering local schools an opportunity to put regular cooking activities back onto the schedule, the Cornish Pasty Community Fund will help the next generation to understand more about food, nutrition, preparation and cooking skills, food production and manufacturing and, of course, what goes into a Cornish pasty and why it’s so special.

Schools will be able to apply for a share of the Community Fund simply by filling in an online form, saying how much money they need and what it will be used for. The Association will select the winning bids against a set of criteria. 

The Cornish Pasty Community Fund is generated by anyone who makes or sells Cornish pasties donating a specific amount of money from every pasty sold during Cornish Pasty Week. The minimum donation is 1p per pasty.

If you make or sell genuine Cornish pasties and would like to be part of this generous new initiative, all you need to do is contact the Cornish Pasty Association, who will send more details.